Using the Terrastories member dashboard

To access the Terrastories member dashboard, you need to log in with credentials for a community that have either editor or admin access.

Once you have done so, you will see a link for Admin page (soon to be renamed "Member dashboard") on the welcome screen.

Click on that link to access the Terrastories member dashboard.

Upon accessing the member dashboard, you will be met with a message that you have signed in successfully. The default view that is shown is the Stories view.

You can access links to other views on the left side. Currently, these are:

  • Stories: all of your community's stories.

  • Speakers: all of your community's speakers.

  • Places: all of your community's places. For more information about speakers, stories, and places, see Exploring and creating stories, speakers, and places.

  • Users: the users that have access to your community, and their respective roles. See Setting up users and roles for more information.

  • Theme: settings for your community theme, and map. See Customizing your community theme and Modifying map settings for more information.

  • Import: a dashboard for importing data in CSV format. See Importing data for more information.

  • Language: a language selection menu where you can toggle between the different languages available in Terrastories. Hover over the acronyms to see the full name (in the language you have currently selected).

There is also a search bar at the top of the screen. Search for any term, and you will be provided results for any stories, speakers, and places that match the term:

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