Technical support

For help with common technical issues, see the Troubleshooting section of this guide. For additional support, please check out the community of active users and maintainers of Terrastories on our public #terrastories channel on the Ruby for Good Slack.

If you're a developer or comfortable using GitHub, you can file an issue in the corresponding repository here.

Online server access

Digital Democracy maintains an online Terrastories server at If you would like to request a community account on our server, please write to us.

Support starting a Terrastories project

In addition to all of the resources compiled in this guide, there is a community of active users and maintainers of Terrastories that participate in Digital Democracy's public chat channel on Discord and on our Earth Defenders Toolkit Forum. We encourage you to consult these spaces for additional tips and ideas on how people are using Terrastories.

Digital Democracy's core team is very small and we have limited capacity to provide direct accompaniment for implementing Terrastories outside of our existing partnerships. In some cases we are able to offer support. To read more about the way we work with partners and different levels of support, see here.

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