What is Explore Terrastories?

Explore Terrastories is an extension of the main Terrastories application. It is a tool that community users of Terrastories may opt in to using, in order to share to a selection of their place-based stories with a broader public.

Since the very beginning, because of the sensitive nature of place-based oral histories and all other forms of knowledge tied to land, Terrastories has always considered security and data protection as very important concerns in the ways that the content is accessed, and therefore access had to be protected by way of requiring everyone to log in.

However, many communities do want to share some of their content with a greater public. Explore Terrastories provides them with an easy way to do so, and for an interested public to be able to peruse the stories of a range of communities that have opted in.

Read more about Explore Terrastories in this article "Explore Terrastories! Local stories for a wider public" by María Alvarez Malvido.

❤️ The creation of Explore Terrastories was funded via an American Rescue Plan grant by the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM). We are grateful for their support.

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